Currency / Exchange

Thursday, 08 April 2010Informations
The official currency is the Cuban Peso (CUP). The Cuban government has introduced the convertible peso, Peso Convertible (CUC). Prices in all hotels, tourist-related services and even Cuban establishments are quoted in CUC. Cuban banks and currency exchanges will also convert your domestic currency to USD however, the rate of exchange will not be as favourable as that offered in your own country. The USD has a 10% surcharge plus the tax of the current exchange rate. It is recommended that you bring Euros, Sterling Pounds, Canadian Dollars and the Swiss Franc. This way you will save money when exchanging. Visa and MasterCard are accepted as long as they are **not** issued by US banks or their affiliates. Eurocard and Access cards are also accepted under the same conditions. American Express Cards are **not** accepted in Cuba. Outside tourist areas cash is the only available method of payment. Visa, MasterCard, Thomas Cook and most recently American Express travellers' checks are accepted, at designated Cuban banks (Banco Financiero Internacional, Banco Metropolitano, Banco de Crédito y Comercio), the Cuban government currency exchange (CADECA) and most hotels, as long as they are **not** issued by U.S. banks or their affiliates.

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