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Wednesday, 07 April 2010Informations
> **Informational Note - [General Customs of the Republic of Cuba][GCRC]** > > It has been authorized the selling of _microwaves_ in Cuba, but the importation of those equipments > is forbidden, even if it's for non commercial purpose. > > _May 14th, 2008_ [GCRC]: "General Customs of the Republic of Cuba"
The regulations of the Cuban Republic for the traffic of passengers limit to $250.00 pesos equivalent to USD the worth of items to be imported, on the contrary, personal items and medicine are free of custom rights' charge. Personal items are those new or used features that a traveller might reasonably need for its personal use during its trip, excluding goods imported with other purposes. When importing items up to $250.00 pesos, a 100% tariff should be paid. The first $50.00 pesos of the import are excluded from this tariff; it is a process that is authorized just once during the natural year. Including these authorized electrical appliances, a maximum of $200.00 pesos should be paid. If you carry more than 23 Habanos (cigars) when leaving Cuba, you should submit the official purchase receipt and the product's container with the new holographic seal. Otherwise, the Cuban Custom will confiscate it. The Republic of Cuba has **BANNED** the import of: * Drugs, narcotics, and psychotropic substances (except those for personal use with the correspondent prescription) * Haemoderivatives * Pornographic books, magazines, obscene items and objects * Explosives * Light motor vehicles and their fundamental parts * Bicycles with motor * Bicycle's motors * Inner combustion motors * Freezers having a capacity exceeding 7 feet * Air conditioners * Cookers and electric ranges, including electrical resistance * Ovens and microwaves * Showers * Fryers * Water heater * Irons not having a consumption exceeding 290 watts/hour with spray or 703 watts/hour with spray and steam * Bread toasters * Resistences * Trailers * Phones In case you would like to export more than $500.00 USD cash, you should submit the declaration of the total amount of currency that you had imported at the arrival.

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