Health and Safety

Thursday, 08 April 2010Informations
### Health ### There are no major health risks for tourists to Cuba and no inoculations or vaccinations are required. All major hotels have doctors on the premises or on call 24 hours/day. There are international clinics in every major tourist area and Havana offers a hospital entirely for the care of tourists. Cuba has the highest percentage of doctors per capita in the world. No matter where or when you travel, everyone should arrange for travel health insurance before they leave home. ASSISTUR S.A. is the Cuban owned travel insurance company for visitors to the island. If you have forgotten or if you would like additional travel insurance coverage, Assistur can help you. Contact us if you would like more information on the services offered by Assistur while in Cuba. ### Safety ### Cuba is safe and tourist-friendly by world standards. Visitors and Cubans alike walk the streets and neighbourhoods in safety. The police presence is widespread and highly visible, especially in the popular areas. One thing to remember is that most police officers speak only Spanish. However, common sense and basic vigilance are still required. Care should be taken in crowded areas like public bars, discos and buses against pickpockets. Although purse snatching and mugging are not unknown, they are very uncommon and easily avoided for the alert traveler. Most travellers to Cuba will experience little more than the nuisance of a street peddler hawking cigars or other wares or services.

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