Barceló Hotels & Resorts

**Barceló Group** was established in Palma de Majorca (Spain) nearly 80 years ago and it is one of Spain’s leading tourism companies and one of the most important worldwide. The group is owned by the Barceló family and has been run by three generations of family members. Its hotel and travel divisions operate more than 180 hotels in 17 countries and 450 travel agencies in 23 countries. These figures put the company as the third hotel chain in Spain, the leading Spanish hotel chain in the USA and the UK, and the 24th worldwide. The company, which in 2007 was awarded the Prince Felipe Business Excellence Award in the category of Business Competitiveness-Big Business, employs at present over 26,000 staff. Although its origins must be traced back to sun and beach holidays, Barceló Group, through its hotel division Barceló Hotels & Resorts, has shown a strong commitment to city tourism over the last years until getting at present a well-balanced portfolio, with a 50% of leisure hotels and a 50% of city hotels.