Complejo Las Terrazas

The tourist **Complex Las Terrazas** is a Rural Experience of Sustainable Development located in the Biosphere Reserve Sierra del Rosario, in Artemisa. It is the second stage of a project which began in 1968 with the main goal of reforesting an area of 5000 HA, as well as improving the living conditions of the population scattered in the mountains and establish ways of communication with the national net of highways. In 1971 rises the picturesque community Las Terrazas, main character of what has happened up to nowadays. It has participated active and consciously in all the actions carried out to raise the material and spiritual quality of life of its inhabitants. Since 1994, taking into account its attractions, this area has become a touristic destiny, oriented to nature and culture. This compromises you with the conservation and control of this place, as well as with the respect for society and the local culture.

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