Cubanacán Grupo

The **Cubanacán Group** was founded on August 5, 1987, as an international marketing and tourism corporation to promote market and operate hotel installations of many types and categories both in Cuba and abroad. Cubanacán is outstanding for its human resources. The personnel in its installations are experienced tourism professionals for the high quality of its services, for the fact that it has installations of its own or is an associate in other installations in the main tourist resorts in the country, and for the diversity of its products. Moreover, Cubanacán complements these services with its subsidiaries: the Cubanacán Travel Agency and Cubanacán Tourism and Health and Cubanacán Express. The Cubanacán Group has consolidated its business design, strengthening its structure with more than 70 hotels (15,000 rooms), including work in association with prestigious international hotel chains in hotel administration and joint venture. In addition to its hotels in the city, it has increased its share of the market in the beach sphere under the name Brisas and Club Amigo and is beginning to promote its Horizontes hotels in natural surroundings.