Islazul Hoteles

All along the Cuban archipelago, the Hotel Chain **Islazul Hoteles** places at your disposal a unique product that will make you feel at home. Hotel and extra-hotel facilities conveniently located on beaches, in cities and in nature areas, designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes, guaranteed quality personalized service and uniquely Cuban cultural options, distinguish all Islazul facilities. Restaurants featuring international and Cuban or Criolla cuisine, featuring seafood, Italian or Chinese specialties, cafeterias, recreational centers and night clubs complete the network of services whose primary aim is to satisfy the needs of those who choose us. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday with us, join our list of illustrious guests and you will want to repeat your visit to dream, relax and enjoy the marvels and gifts of the largest island of the Antilles. Each of our facilities promises a pleasant stay filled with attractions, discoveries and services that will make feel at home. With Islazul, throughout Cuba, you’ll become acquainted with every bit of our history, culture and architecture and share the social life of the island.

68 Accommodations