Park of Baconao

Tourist Attractions

A little further, the Great Natural Park of Baconao, located in the Biosphere Reserve equally named, calls for a tour on the Promenade of Sculptures, the Prehistoric Valley (a true Caribbean Jurassic Park), the Dolphins Pool, or enjoying a good portion of the beaches of the province. Its coasts are fed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and protected by the hills of the most important Mountainous Region in the country.

There are in total 70 Scuba Diving Sites all along the 150 kilometers of the coasts of Sigua, Daiquirí, Bucanero and Sierra Mar. In these sites, besides the untouched natural beauty of the sea bottom, it is possible to see the remains of sunken ships that date back to the XIX century. The fact that each of these four spaces has its own attractions turns Santiago de Cuba into an excellent alternative site to enter the Caribbean domains of Neptune.