Villa Clara

Tourist Destinations

Up until a few years ago, Villa Clara was virtually unknown as a tourist resort, visited only by tour groups staying a day or so to visit the Ernesto Che Guevara Memorial or to discover some of the other enchantments of this province in the middle of the country.

The construction of a stone causeway linking the territory with Cayo Santa María, a tiny islet just eight miles (13 km.) long and a little over a mile wide, changed all this. Santa María has an excellent beach and fascinating land and sea flora and fauna, which make it a marvelous place for scuba diving.

The northeastern part of the province also includes Cayo Ensenacho and Cayo Las Brujas (Witches). The town of San Juan de los Remedios, whose historic center has been declared a national monument, is just over 37 miles (60 km.) from Cayo Santa María. The provincial capital, Santa Clara, has many places of historic and cultural interest, and the people who live here are noted for their hospitality.

A part of the Escambray Mountain Range is in this province, turning Villa Clara into one of the best places in the country for ecotourism. In addition, the thermal and medicinal mineral baths at Elguea Spa will help to improve your health.