15th Theatre Festival of Havana

15th Theatre Festival of Havana '2013
Friday, 25 October 2013 to Sunday, 03 November 2013
"The actor's memory"
The National Council of the Performing Arts convokes to the fifteenth edition of Havana´s Theatre Festival (FTH) from October 25th to November 3rd, 2013. Founded in 1980, this feast is a non-competitive rendezvous opening the island´s stages to those trends, ideas, proposals and dialogues which so many colleagues from around the world take the risk to show each day on the scene, as an act of faith in nature, lively and intense, the very notion of an authentic theatrical art. In 2013 the theatre world will celebrate 150 years of Stanislavsky´s presence. The power of his legacy, his aesthetic and technical contributions as an actor, reformer and maitre en scene in Moscow´s Theater of Art, his vicinity with such playwrights as Chekhov, Maeterlink, Ibsen and Shakespeare as well as his stimulating collaborations with Meyerhold and Vakhtankhof and the worldwide influence of his methods, turn him into an unavoidable reference point beyond his aesthetic lines even for those who discuss his proposals. This rendezvous in Havana will be thus dedicated to the actor´s memory and creative capability as a frame in which the human figure is able to incarnate various possible conceptions of life, tradition and avant-garde, past and future reuniting in the extraordinary moment of performing. In Cuba, where Stanislavsky had a clear echo in groups and directors of the highest level, to pay tribute to his legacy also implies to revisit that national inheritance as a sign of feedback and rigueur. The Festival will celebrate as well its fifteenth anniversary in a thirty years span; to go over that orbit is not a mere archeological gesture but a way to recapture the vibrations that certain masters of the scene have left here for us and which in the present day of Cuban scene are perceptible in other projections. This edition is a door towards the amplification of our potentialities before a horizon of a more transparent and better existence. Theatre for children, for adults, as well as Puppet Theater will fill Havana venues with extensions to several other provinces, in a program which shall be complete with exhibitions of photography, posters and documents, books and magazines presentations,theoretical forums and workshops. Cuban theater audience, trained and educated through its own tradition of this event is an active co-star of the party. Along with the best international proposals selected will be the highlight of the national performing arts, forming an attractive agenda. The 15th Theatre Festival of Havana will turn the island into a multiple scenario. Crosses land of influences filtered into the national body, theater itself and fable, Cuba will provide the shelter that deserves good theater. As an act of resistance, solidarity, and intercultural dialogue, as a gesture that wants to make the theater a living mirror of who we are, and this call is opened: we are all welcome! ## Sponsors ## * National Council of the Performing Arts ## Tourist Package ## [2:Cubazul Tour & Travel] designed a tourist package that includes: * Transfer Airport - Hotel - Airport * Daily lodging with breakfast included * Transfer to the event's sessions * Specialized assistance ### Accommodations in [98:$] ###
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