The economy of Latin America and the Caribbean within the new international enviroment

Tuesday, 11 September 2018 to Friday, 14 September 2018
The National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC for its acronym in Spanish) and the Association of Economists of Latin America and the Caribbean (AEALC for its acronym in Spanish) call professionals from the economic and social sciences, academics, decision makers and civil society to the event **"The Economy of Latin America and the Caribbean within the new international enviroment. Main Challenges."**, from September 11 to 14, in Havana, Cuba ## Themes: ## * Analysis of the persistence of the global economic crisis. Continuity of its effects for Latin America and the Caribbean * Real possibility that the region promotes a gradual change in the productive structure and trade * Impacts of technological change on development. Public policies of innovation and social development * The integration of Latin America and the Caribbean: dilemmas and options * The new era of world trade * The new economic and commercial policy of the United States. Its possible effects * The crisis of the international financial system after the war * Financial flows to Latin America. External debt * Current monetary panorama, challenges and perspectives * The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals * Latin America today in the light of Fidel's thought * Hegemonic Project and Latin American Reaction * Energy, Conflagration and Environment * United States-Latin America: Crisis, War and Empire in the 21st Century * Public policies, governance and local development * Cooperatives and their role in the current context ## Registration fee: ## * Delegate:$ 250.00 CUC * Speakers and undergraduate students:$ 200.00 CUC * Students of postgraduate programs of Cuban universities:$ 200.00 CUC * Companion:$ 100.00 CUC ## It includes: ## * Delegate / Speaker / Students: Accreditation / documentation / participation in all scientific and social activities / Certificate of attendance or author. * Companion: Accreditation / participation in the opening and closing session as well as the social activities that are scheduled. Souvenir. ## Tourist Package ## [1:Cubazul Tour & Travel] has designed a tour package that includes: * Daily accommodation with breakfast included * Guide service * Transfer Airport - Havana Hotel - Airport * Transfer to work sessions (except Hotel Palco) * Personal assistance at the airport and hotels ### Accommodations in [97:$] ### ## Prices / CUC* ##
Hotel Double Room Simple
Hotel Meliá Habana 5* $ 165.00 $ 260.00
Hotel Palco 4* $ 85.00 $ 100.00
Hotel Comodoro 4* $ 85.00 $ 105.00
Hotel Neptuno Tritón 3* $ 50.00 $ 65.00

**(*)** Prices expressed by Pax per night.

Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana

Calle 146 e/ 11 y 13. Reparto Cubanacán
Playa , La Habana
23° 5' 17.61" N, 82° 27' 19.2672" W
La Habana CU

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